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World Cup Achievement Classic Case

Aug. 01, 2018 | 11:52:33

The World Cup was in the midst of a roar, and finally won the championship with the French team. The French team laughed at the end with great strength. However, the winner of this World Cup seems to be not only the French team, but also its sponsor, Vatti.

Before the start of the World Cup, Vatti launched the "French team won the championship" campaign as the official sponsor of the French team, and instantly influenced the entire kitchen appliance industry with a benchmark of World Cup marketing. Then, this marketing method has gradually evolved into a phenomenon-level spread. Even in the non-kitchen industry, a team has won a championship or a refund.

An excellent marketing plan is interpreted in two levels, creating direct value and indirect value. First we look at the direct value level.

Prior to this, Vatti shares disclosed that, according to preliminary statistics, the total retail sales of offline channels during the activity period is expected to be more than 700 million yuan, an increase of about 20%. The total retail sales of online channels is expected to be more than 300 million yuan, an increase of more than 30%. Among them, the designated products of ‘winning the full amount’ accounted for 7% and 9.67% of the total retail sales and total online retail sales respectively. If the actual refund occurs, the cost to be paid by the offline dealer is only the purchase cost and part of the promotion cost of the designated product. The fee will be less than 50 million yuan, while the online price will be less than 29 million yuan. . That is, the total amount of refunds for online and offline totals does not exceed 79 million yuan, but it has generated a total sales of 1 billion yuan.

From the perspective of indirect value, this marketing plan is undoubtedly a successful classic for brand exposure and publicity. At the beginning of the event, Vatti released the micro-movie "The Most Burning We" by Henry, and swept the circle of friends. Immediately afterwards, a "French team won the championship, Vatti retired the full payment" announcement signed by a chairman, attracted a lot of media attention, and triggered a lot of people in the circle of friends. From the perspective of brand promotion and penetration, this planning can be described as a complete blow. Since the beginning of the World Cup, most people are not optimistic about the French team can win, coupled with the follow-up of other brands, so people's attention and discussion heat gradually turned back to the World Cup. However, with the continuous promotion of the French team, and Vatti to celebrate the French team's quarter-finals, the promotion of the event time is another publicity exposure. On the night of the French team's championship, the first keyword of Baidu's hot search was not the World Cup and the French team's championship, but Vatti's winning refund.

A classic marketing planning case, to meet three conditions, stunning debut, layered progressive and difficult to copy the coincidence. Vatti used microfilm to seize the eye, followed by the launch of “Retirement” as a stunning appearance of the World Cup marketing circle, combined with the promotion of each stage of the promotion, and finally added the coincidence of this “God Prediction” to make this marketing plan evolve. It became a classic that was difficult to copy.

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