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How To Use Commercial Electric Steamer Correctly?

Jul. 13, 2018 | 21:33:02

The main use environment of the Electric Commercial Food Steamer is restaurants, kitchens, food production rooms, food stalls, etc. Users generally do not have the knowledge of proper use and maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended to use the leakage protection device during installation, and read the Induction Stove Manufacturer instruction manual carefully before use to know the use method and precautions of the product.

First, the automatic water supply steamer should check whether the water supply pressure meets the requirements of the manufacturer, whether the inlet valve is open, and whether the drain valve is closed. Is the manual water injection steamer drain valve closed?

Secondly, it is checked whether the water level of the automatic water supply type electric steamer is substantially immersed in the electric heating pipe, and whether the water supply of the artificial water injection type electric steamer reaches the water level mark.

Third, the door should be closed to avoid steam leakage, otherwise it will waste energy and cause burns to operators.

Fourth, when the door is opened after work, the steam in the box should be completely released to avoid burns.

Fifth, when the electric steamer fails, because it is a metal casing, the power should be turned off first, and then the fault should be checked. It is best to notify the professional to overhaul to avoid danger.

Sixth, after use, the water in the compartment should be drained to prevent the electric heating tube and metal surface of the electric steamer from aging. The dirt on the electric heating pipe is removed, so that the electric heating pipe conducts heat quickly, and does not cause the electric heating pipe to overheat and burn out.

Seventh, clean the inner and outer surfaces to keep the electric steamer clean and hygienic, but do not spray it. This will cause the electrical components to get wet, short circuit or even electric leakage.

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