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Maintenance Of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Aug. 29, 2018 | 15:58:44

Commercial kitchen equipment such as Tiltable Cooking Kettle With Mixer are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is made of iron and nickel, manganese and other metals. Therefore, the maintenance should be as follows:

1. Wipe the dirt on the surface with a damp cloth regularly, and then dry it with a dry cloth.

2. Avoid vinegar, cooking wine and other liquid seasonings on the surface. Once found, rinse with water and dry.

3, do not often move back and forth the stove, shelves, cooking machinery and other equipment, especially using the floor to slide.

4, stainless steel Induction Cooking Range should always check for leaks.

5, cooking machinery like dough mixer, slicer, etc., do not be lazy, to clean in time.

Selection of commercial kitchen equipment

1. The accessories for kitchen utensils include sinks, faucets, gas stoves, exhaust hoods, dishwashers, trash cans, seasoning cabinets, etc., which can be purchased by yourself or requested by the designer to be purchased for consideration.

2. The purchase of kitchen utensils should focus on quality, function, color and other factors. The product should be wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, fireproof, antibacterial and antistatic. The design should take into account the basic requirements of aesthetics, practicality and convenience.

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