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Can You Use The Tiltable Cooking Kettle With Mixer Correctly?

Aug. 17, 2018 | 15:25:25

When using Tiltable Cooking Kettle With Mixer, the steam pipe contains a lot of water, so the water in the pot will increase after cooking. The water level can be added without too high. The equipment is equipped with temperature control, time, and automatic exhaust device, so the whole operation can be operated automatically, but the operation The process also requires manual monitoring from time to time, and the equipment must not be overpressured;

Turn on the power. After the power is turned on, the temperature controller displays the normal temperature before it can work. Set the cooking temperature, cooking time, and start the heating timer switch. After the switch is turned on, the timer starts to work, and at the same time, according to the temperature set by the user. When the heating control is on, the heating indicator lights up. When the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the heating is stopped and the heating indicator is turned off. The temperature is automatically controlled. The time setting is also set according to the product.

The user needs to turn off the heating timer switch; when heating, the exhaust port on the device should be opened indirectly until the cold air in the pot is discharged. (Generally, when the cooking temperature is 80-85 degrees Celsius, the exhaust valve can be closed)

After the exhaust valve is closed, the air is warmed up and boosted, and the automatic exhaust switch is turned on. When the pressure reaches the upper limit according to the pressure change of the electric contact pressure gauge, the pneumatic angle seat valve is automatically activated to perform overpressure exhaust and the exhaust indicator light is bright. When it stops, the exhaust is turned off and the indicator is turned off.

Open the exhaust valve before discharge, discharge the pressure in the pot, wait until the pressure gauge returns to zero, and the exhaust valve does not discharge the air pressure before the pot is discharged; (please pay attention to the lid and the pot body when discharging)

For the safety valve, the pressure gauge can be adjusted according to the pressure of the user's own use to the relevant local authorities, and the adjustment range is based on the parameter standards required by the local department.

During the use of the cooking pot, the pressure should be constantly observed and the pressure should not exceed the design pressure.

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Tiltable Cooking Kettle With Mixer