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The Nut Industry Has Since Embarked On The Fast Lane

Jul. 23, 2018 | 00:00:00

In recent years, people's lifestyles and living standards have changed, and people's consumption of food has also increased. Many people in the industry said that in the past few years, domestic nuts and nuts have reached a golden age. Even so, the amount of food consumption in our country is still lower than in developed countries.

According to statistics, at present, China's annual per capita consumption of snack foods is about 30 grams, which is only 0.93% of the per capita consumption of 3.2 kilograms in developed countries. This shows that China's snack foods still have a broad space for growth, and there is a huge potential for development. In the future, the nuts and nuts market is still a sunrise industry.

Nowadays, the market is full of nuts and nuts, and many specialty nuts and even foreign nuts provide consumers with more choices. In addition to the offline nuts and nuts market, the Internet has created a brand of nuts and nuts. Sales miracle in the industry; nuts and roasted seeds and nuts enterprises in the product flavor, packaging on the new, self-upgrading in quality and service, pay more attention to the consumer's consumer experience bit by bit changes are the new trend of the nuts and nuts industry in recent years and new The reflection of the trend.

Internet + brings new changes in the nut industry

According to industry insiders, the rapid growth of the nut roasted and roasted goods industry in recent years cannot be separated from the boost of the Internet. The rise of e-commerce has changed people's consumption habits and also boosted sales. At present, the sales of national e-commerce nuts and nuts accounted for 7% of total sales. With the promotion of Internet +, China's strong food groups are releasing. With amazing potential, there is still much room for growth in the future.

Product innovation - the best choice for the nut industry to get out of trouble

At present, many products in the nut industry lack innovation, mostly in the initial processing, rough processing, rough packaging, simple product, single taste, etc., resulting in extremely low added value. In the current market environment, the past "small profits but quick turnover" pulling effect has been greatly weakened. Therefore, in order to make a big market for nuts, we must strengthen product innovation.

Therefore, the nut industry wants to get rid of the development difficulties quickly, it is necessary to increase the deep processing and finishing of products. Actively change the hand-workshop-style production methods in the past, increase the deep processing and finishing of products, strengthen the deep excavation and development of product value, and develop high value-added products based on consumer demand, so as to continuously improve products. Competitive ability to improve efficiency.

The reason why the nut industry can go on the fast lane is closely related to the development of equipment. Just like China Induction Nut Roaster Supplier, the advantages of Electric Nut Roaster being more energy-efficient, more automated, higher quality products and lower operating costs are everyone's attention.

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