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Steps of Electromagnetic Induction Heating

May. 30, 2018 | 13:53:33

Electromagnetic induction heating we must understand, then electromagnetic induction heating can be divided into what steps?

Electromagnetic induction heating is roughly divided into three steps:

1. Electromagnetic induction heating firstly rectifies 220V, 50/60Hz alternating current into direct current through high frequency electromagnetic heating system.

2. The DC power is then converted into high-frequency high-voltage power with a frequency of 20-40 Hz.

3. High-speed high-frequency high-voltage currents flowing through the coils will generate alternating magnetic fields with high-speed changes. The surface of the iron containers placed on them will generate eddy currents by cutting alternating magnetic lines of force. The eddy currents cause the iron atoms at the bottom of the container to move at random and collide with each other at high speeds. Friction produces heat energy by itself, which in turn has the effect of heating the article.

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The above content is the step of electromagnetic induction heating, and understanding electromagnetic induction heating will also have a great impact on people's lives.

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