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Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Kitchenware Is Better For People

Jan. 24, 2019 | 14:20:55

1. Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Equipment: stainless steel kitchen utensils are highly respected by modern people. They are used more and more widely in the catering industry, not only because it is not easy to rust, but also has many other advantages, such as fast heat conduction and high cooking efficiency; Not easy to wear; energy-saving and environmentally friendly styling and versatility, suitable for the development of modern catering industry; In addition, from a health point of view. Stainless Steel Induction Cooking Ranges are more stable than aluminum kitchen utensils, which is more conducive to human health.

2. Wooden kitchen utensils: The advantages of wooden kitchen utensils are good heat insulation, not easy to hurt the hand, the material is relatively soft, does not damage the pot surface, etc.; but the wooden kitchen utensils also have their inevitable shortcomings, such as long-term use, easy to get bacteria, Moreover, wooden kitchen utensils of poor quality are easily damaged; after a slight damage in time, the surface is not smooth enough, so it is difficult to clean.

3. Aluminum kitchen utensils: Before the promotion of stainless steel kitchen equipment, aluminum kitchen utensils used to be the mainstream of kitchen kitchen equipment. Most of its advantages are similar to stainless steel kitchen utensils, but recent scientific research has found that aluminum ions in aluminum kitchen utensils can not contain strong acid or alkaline foods, and will not dissolve in normal cooking, boiling water or soup. Less aluminum ions. And aluminum ions will accelerate the body's aging, and even lead to Alzheimer's disease.

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