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Clean Environment Makes Us Fall In Love With Cooking

Jan. 14, 2019 | 17:38:47

Kitchen cleaning is very important to our health, and proper cleaning and maintenance have a certain effect on extending kitchen equipment and furniture, and the service life, but some kitchen supplies are clean and painstaking.

Cleaning is a good way to cook. Of course, cleaning is very important. It is a place that is difficult to clean, and soot is stubborn. If the hood is cleaned by yourself, gently remove the upper layer of the net, take a metal container larger than the net cover, add water completely to the metal mesh cover, heat the water, then add a little alkali, you can soak for a while, After the oil is softened, it is best not to use a brush at this time. It is easy to leave scratches. You can use the chopped cucumber head left by the cut vegetables or the radish to gently wipe it. It is easy to fall off, then rinse it out, in order to be cleaner. Then wipe it with a cleaning cloth and some detergent. This will make the net cover shine, but you should wear gloves to avoid burns.

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