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What Is The Difference Between Central Kitchen Equipment And Traditional Kitchen Equipment?

Feb. 17, 2019 | 00:00:00

With the rapid development of chain catering in the modern catering industry, the central kitchen has become the only way for the development of chain catering to change qualitatively. Although both belong to the kitchen catering industry, they are fundamentally different. So here China Automatic Roaster Supplier talks about the difference between the central kitchen and the traditional kitchen and personal insights.

One. Site selection. Traditional commercial kitchens are usually located behind the restaurant in the site selection. The main considerations are the ventilation and production processes. The problems considered by the central kitchen in site selection are more complicated, including the discharge of sewage, the planning of functional areas, and the supply of energy such as electricity and gas.

two. The degree of mechanization. Traditional kitchens are more often man-made. The central kitchen, on the other hand, makes greater use of mechanized food processing equipment to save labor and operating costs. Such as: rice production line, vegetable washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum packaging machine, Meat Stewing Machine.

three. Cost budget. The cost of the initial investment in the central kitchen is much greater than that of traditional kitchens.

four. Processing technology. Traditional commercial kitchens are a small amount of finishing, so the processing technology relies mainly on the experience of chefs. So sometimes it will cause the dishes that are eaten in different stores, and the taste is different. The central kitchen is a centralized production. Unify the taste of the dish in the processing technology. It also simplifies the process of the dishes with the help of modern food processing machinery.

Fives. Quality supervision. Traditional kitchens do not have their own specialized quality control department, and they are not professional. The supervision of quality is limited to the integrity of suppliers at the time of purchase. The central kitchen has a mature quality supervision process, which not only has the incoming inspection at the time of purchase, but also has a sample room and a laboratory. Keep the quality firmly in your own hands.

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