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Operation Method of Chocolate Melting Machine

Apr. 15, 2018 | 00:00:00

In this news, we will share the operation method of chocolate melting machine.

Chocolate Melting Machine

1. The temperature controller is located in front of the product and controls the heating temperature of the electric heating tube to ensure the temperature of the internal grill.

2. Turn on the power and the green indicator light is on. At this time, the power is supplied to the device. Then turn on the thermostat switch. Turn the thermostat clockwise to align the desired temperature value with the red dot position. When the work indicator light is on, it means that the electric heating tube works. When the temperature of the inner shell starts to rise to the required temperature, the thermostat can automatically cut off the power, and the yellow work indicator light goes out, and the electric heating tube stops working. When the temperature drops slightly, the thermostat can automatically turn on the power, so that it is always circulated to ensure that the device's inner chamber is kept constant within the set range.

3. If abnormal phenomena occur during use, they must be immediately stopped and used after checking for troubleshooting.

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