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Maintenance of Jacketed Kettle

Jun. 20, 2018 | 00:00:00

In this article, we will introduce the maintenance of electric jacketed kettle.

Electric Jacketed Kettle

1. Steam leakage from inlet pipe and outlet pipe joint. When selecting the tight nut does not solve the problem, add or replace the packing.

2. Pressure gauges and safety valves should be inspected periodically and replaced and repaired in case of failure.

3. After the gear box is used for 50 hours, it should be removed to let go of the lubricating oil. Rinse with kerosene or diesel. Add 30#-40# clean oil. After 150 hours, change the oil for the second time. Change the oil every 1000 hours or so.

4, Anti-rust oil flaking, brushing should be timely, painted pot paint, it is recommended to use X55-3 aluminum powder vinyl paint.

5. After the kettle is used for 5 years, it is recommended to conduct the safety hydrostatic pressure test. After the interval of the hydrostatic pressure test, it shall be conducted according to the requirements of the technical departments of various regions. The pressure P pressure of the hydrostatic test is determined as follows: When the rated working pressure P is less than 0.6 MPa, P water = 0.15 MPa; When the rated working pressure P = 0.6-0.8 MPa, P water = P + 0.3 MPa

6, The outer pot of the electric jacketed kettle is made of 4.0 ~ 5.5 mm thick steel plate, steel A3, when the outer pot after years of rust thinning to 2mm or less, should stop using.

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