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Introduction of Electric Jacketed Kettle

May. 07, 2018 | 00:00:00

General Introduction of Electric Jacketed Kettle:

Our jacketed kettles are made from food grade stainless steel 304 both indoors and out and have sleek and shiny look. It may be manually tilted by employing a grip on the side which makes it simpler and safer to put the contents within the kettle.

The jacketed kettle is broadly embraced in many different food processing companies, such as sauce, sugar, curry, dishes, drink, spirits, milk, cake, compound and medication, etc., can also be utilised in massive restaurants and canteens for cooking, steaming, frying and stewing big amounts of food.

Introduction of Electric Jacketed Kettle

Characteristics of Electric Jacketed Kettle:

This Type of jacketed kettle has got the following attributes:

1. Simple to set up and operate;

2. Uniform Heating;

3. Big heating area;

4. Effortless management of heat;

5. Mixing scrapers could touch the bowl completely prevents burning;

6. Stirring rate is flexible;

7. Corrosion & abrasion resistance;

8. Longer service life;

Classification of Jacketed Kettle:

By warming system:

1. Electric heating kind;

2. Steam heating kind;

3. Gas(pls indicate LPG or natural gas) heating kind

By setup of this Jacketed Kettle:

1. Tilting kind / vertical kind;

2. With agitator / without agitator;

3. Ordinary stirring type / planetary stirring type;

4. With lid / without lid

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