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The Management Of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Needs To Do Well In These Ten Points

Nov. 16, 2018 | 00:00:00

1. all equipment, facilities and utensils in the kitchen are civilized operated, operated and managed according to standard standards.

2. make maintenance measures for all kitchen equipment, and everyone will obey them.

3. all personal utensils in the kitchen are properly kept, used and maintained by myself.

4. Share kitchen utensils, put them back in the prescribed position after use, and do not change them without authorization. At the same time, strengthen maintenance and normal use.

5. All special tools in the kitchen, such as sculpture, flower mouth and other tools, are kept and stored by a special person. They are recorded when borrowed, and the key points and quality are checked when returned.

6. kitchen appliances need to go through the relevant formalities.

7. kitchen utensils and utensils (including spare parts) are not allowed to be taken out without permission.

8. kitchen utensils and utensils should be handled gently to avoid man-made damage.

9. The user is responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of kitchen utensils. If the equipment and tools are damaged or lost due to non-compliance with operating rules and kitchen disciplines, compensation shall be paid at the same price.

10. regular inspection and maintenance. If the equipment is damaged, it must be inspected by the maintenance personnel. If it can be repaired or repaired, it should be reported to the higher authorities for examination and approval.

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