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Induction Roaster Supplier, Why Us?

Mar. 13, 2018 | 08:59:14

1.Hobbs Machinery began in 1984 and is dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of large-scale industrial heating equipment. Over the years, it has served many large and medium-sized enterprises, listed companies, enterprises and institutions, and has made outstanding achievements in food and central kitchens, frying of nuts, sauce production, pharmaceuticals, boiler-free sterilizing equipment, and chemical/ore/metallurgy. achievement. Our hot sell products are Induction Roaster, Induction Puff Rice Machine.

2. Independent research and development of patented technologies such as precise temperature control, intelligent temperature compensation and process implantation, microcomputer control, precise temperature control, energy saving and high efficiency, and higher product quality, helping companies achieve automation, standardization, and efficient production, greatly reducing operating costs .

3. Up to 95% heating efficiency (almost twice the efficiency of other heating methods). The process is safe and comfortable. And no pollution 0 emissions.

4.30 years of independent research and development experience, integration of Germany, Japan, France and other world-leading technologies, giving you more advanced technical support (core components 5 years long warranty)!

5. Our products have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions and have been tried and tested. Many customers have the peace of mind and peace of mind.

All our products will give you best price including induction roaster, induction puff rice machine.

Induction Roaster Supplier