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How To Improve The Drying Effect Of Dryer Equipment

Jul. 20, 2018 | 11:31:19

How to improve the drying effect of the All Stainless Steel Automatic Roaster, first of all China Induction Nut Roaster Supplier need to understand a problem, which factors affect the drying effect of the dryer equipment, so that we can be targeted, better solve the problem, and greatly improve the drying effect.

First, the factors affecting the effect of the dryer

1. Feeding strength and moisture of the dryer

2, the copy board structure of the dryer 3, the dryer drum tilt angle 4, the dryer drum rotation number

Second, improve the effect of dryer equipment

1. During the operation of the dryer, special attention should be paid to the equipment's blower, dust removal and dust collection equipment.

2. The drying properties of the feed liquid are also often facilitated by the change of operating conditions, so that the control conditions, the product moisture content of the feed liquid, the residence time of the drum and the temperature of the cylinder wall are mutually constrained. The operating parameters are based on the good drying effect of the test and production.

3. Since the drum size and rotation speed are limited by the equipment conditions, it is generally difficult to adjust the change. To improve the drying effect of the drum, it is necessary to change the moisture content of the feed liquid, the moisture content of the product, the temperature of the feed liquid, the steam pressure in the cylinder (the temperature of the cylinder wall) and the environment. Control of operating conditions such as temperature and flow rate of (air)

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