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Method For Distinguishing The Quality Of Commercial Kitchen Stoves

Feb. 22, 2019 | 00:00:00

Today, as a buyer of commercial kitchen utensils, how do they purchase qualified commercial kitchen stoves? Let's look down.

1. Understand the thermal efficiency of the stove: Thermal efficiency is an important indicator to measure whether a stove is energy-saving. The gas industry uses this indicator to measure whether the stove is energy-saving, and it must be verified by a professional third-party test report. The thermal efficiency of the gas cooker is generally More than 70% of energy-saving stoves are a good choice.

2, the energy-saving rate of gas stoves: stove energy-saving rate is a concern of many customers, many stove manufacturers will make a big fuss in this data, the actual still depends on the test data, the general energy-saving rate of large stoves above 40% Very good. At the same time, it must also meet the firepower requirements of gas stoves.

3. Gas stove exhaust: The carbon monoxide produced by combustion is a harmful gas to the human body and the environment. The national standard is no more than 0.1%. The smaller the value, the better. A low value indicates sufficient combustion, environmental protection and energy saving.

4, the amount of noise used in the cooker: noise is also a kind of pollution, good energy-saving stove noise is low.

5, exhaust vent temperature: This is a very simple test method, the temperature of the good energy-saving stove exhaust is very low, and the general stove exhaust is simply not close.

6, stove material selection: In addition to the surface of stainless steel, but also pay attention to the quality of valves, faucets, blowers, accessories, but also pay attention to the structure of the stove.

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