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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Classification

Aug. 27, 2018 | 00:00:00

Commercial kitchen equipment can be roughly divided into five categories: stove equipment, exhaust ventilation equipment, conditioning equipment, mechanical equipment, refrigeration and insulation equipment.

Cooker equipment

At present, more natural gas or liquefied gas stoves are used. Among them, the most common products are, Four Eyes Induction Cooker Range, double-headed and double-tailed stove, single-headed single-tailed frying stove, double-headed and single-headed low-cooking stoves, single-door, double-door and three-door steaming cabinets. Japanese and Korean kitchens also use teppanyaki equipment. These gas appliances are generally subject to relevant testing before they can be used. With the development of electromagnetic technology, a small number of kitchens have begun to use electromagnetic cookers, which are green and environmentally friendly, and will save costs, which will be the future development trend.

Smoke exhaust ventilation

For food hygiene and the health of kitchen personnel, the smoke extraction system is a must-have for every kitchen. Common equipments include luxury hoods, water hoods, lampblack purifiers, fans and other equipment. The installation of such equipment should be calculated according to the number and area of gas equipment, and must be greater than 20% of the area of gas equipment to ensure air. the quality of. The health department also has special spot checks.

Conditioning equipment

There are a large number of such devices, and there are many names. There are mainly several types: workbench shelves. Used to cut vegetables, put vegetables, rice noodles, etc. Commonly used are the operating table, rice noodle rack, 3-5 layer dish rack, face table, pool and other equipment, mainly stainless steel products.

Mechanical equipment

Mainly used here are some small mechanical equipment. The more commonly used products are slicer, blender, dough mixer, pressing machine, Energy Saving Candy Machine, coffee machine, ice machine, etc. These mechanical brands are many types. The functions are also uneven, generally according to the grade of the kitchen.

Refrigeration and insulation equipment

For the storage of raw materials, it is often necessary to use a freezer, with 4 doors and 6 doors being the most common. In order to maintain the temperature of the food, it is also necessary to have equipment such as a heat preservation table and a rice-selling table. Water heaters are also essential equipment.

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