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Six Major Issues To Be Aware Of The Safe Use Of Kitchen Electric Cookers

Sep. 17, 2018 | 17:25:48

Things to pay attention to in the safe use of kitchen electric cookers such as Electric Commercial Food Steamer and Four Eyes Electric Cooker Range:

(1) Do not apply electric heating with no load. Before the power is turned on, all kinds of electric cookers should be put in the container to eat edible oil or meal. You can not put the food on the electric heater first, otherwise the electric heating element will be damaged.

(2) Do not share a power outlet with multiple electric cookers. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the socket and the wire to be overloaded and burned out, and even cause a fire.

(3) Avoid vibrating or colliding the electric cooker during use. Otherwise, it is easy to deform the electric cooker, resulting in damage or leakage of the electric cooker.

(4) The temperature change of the electric cooker should not be too severe. Do not rinse with cold water immediately after turning off the power, or add cold water immediately after burning the pot. This will easily break the electric heating elements in the base of the electric cooker.

(5) Do not use electric or alkaline cleaners to wash electric cookers. When washing, you should also pay attention not to infiltrate water, wine, oil, soup and other liquid into the power socket. Once you find the person in the socket, you should immediately cut off the power and wipe it with a dry cloth. After thoroughly drying, you can continue to use it. Valve imported pump industrial washing machine

(6) Do not immediately dump the food after the power is cut off, but leave a little, so that the heating element gradually cools down to extend the service life of the components.

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