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Difference Between Food Hot Processing And Cold Processing

May. 10, 2018 | 17:34:06

In the food processing industry, many technologies are necessary. Food thermal processing and cold processing are more critical. What is the difference between hot and cold processing? How does Hohhot tell you the difference between hot and cold food processing?

Cold processing and thermal processing of foods are all designed to prevent food spoilage and treat certain foods in hopes of reducing microorganisms and prolonging the shelf life of foods. Cold working is relative to thermal processing and refers to such sterilization methods without heat treatment such as ultra-high pressure, irradiation, and the like. The cold processing technology of food can maintain the original color, smell, taste and nutrient of foodstuffs to the utmost extent, but the application will be subject to certain restrictions, there is no such broad spectrum of thermal processing, and the relative cost of cold processing is relatively high, so it is not popular nowadays.

After the introduction of Hobbes Machinery, people already know the difference between hot food processing and cold processing. It is believed that more technologies will be applied to the food processing industry in the future.

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