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Features of Automatic Cooking Machine

Mar. 30, 2018 | 00:00:00

Automatic cooking machine has so many features. We will share them with you in this news. We produce and export kinds of CE Approved Commercial Kitchen Equipment. Any requirements pls contact to us.

100% no fumes: all-inclusive electric heating technology, no microwave, no smoke, no steam, no electromagnetic radiation, no splash, safer cooking process, KSD intelligent temperature control technology to control the oil temperature under the cracking of the oil Thoroughly solve the fumes on the human body.

Automatic Cooking Machine

Automatic Cooking Machine is cooking for three minutes and keeping fresh for 3 hours: Fully guaranteed meat dishes are cooked at the same time. 3 hours preservation, no discoloration, no smell, no bulk temperature, not soft. Closed three-dimensional heating, timing, automatic mixing, heat penetration, and greatly shorten the cooking time.

Automatic Cooking Machine has food-grade non-stick technology: ensure that cooking does not stick with cooking, KSD intelligent temperature control technology, so that the internal pot temperature automatically strains with the cooking process.

Safe and secure: The cooking machine adopts all-inclusive electric heating without coal and gas, eliminating the incident of human poisoning caused by gas leakage, and the safety is extremely guaranteed.

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