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Factors Affecting The Price Of Automatic Fryer

Jul. 27, 2018 | 00:00:00

The price of the automatic fryer is constantly changing. Why is the price of the automatic fryer floating? What are the influencing factors of the price of the automatic fryer? Today, China Automatic Roaster Supplier to explain in detail:

1. The automatic frying machine is of different price depending on the model, and the new equipment is constantly being developed and updated every day. If it is customized, it will be charged according to the manufacturer's requirements.

2, according to the material is mainly refers to the contact food is stainless steel material and All Stainless Steel Electric Deep Frying Machine, the price of the same model is different.

3, automatic fryer materials and configurations are different, high-configuration equipment is manufactured using advanced materials, high labor costs will definitely make equipment prices rise

4. Different after-sales service quality and commitment. Buying a fully automatic fryer to choose a large factory is not the same as a small company.

5, the brand different prices are not the same. The brand of automatic fryer is the guarantee of strength, which is unquestionable. Big brand is an important embodiment of value

6, the freight is different, due to the difference in distance between the province and the province. The automatic frying machine sales staff outside the province will also include the logistics costs in the equipment.

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