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Features of Energy Saving Electric Cooking Kettle

Apr. 21, 2018 | 11:01:24

The Energy Saving Electric Cooking Kettle uses a steam smart sensor to control the temperature, and has the function of automatically shutting off the power after the water boils and preventing the power from being burned and cut off. With the needs of life, the current electric kettle is also developing in the direction of multi-function, such as leakproof, anti-hot, water lock and other electric kettle has the advantages of high heating speed, good insulation effect, strong filtration function, and many styles. 1, fast heat "hot faster" is the most basic requirement of energy-saving electric kettle: the original heating coil was transformed into a more generous heating chassis, a more beautiful and practical, to solve the loopholes difficult to clean; second heat conversion High efficiency, often 3-5 minutes can be 0.5 to 1 liters of water to boil 0.2, filter strong, "healthy drinking water" is the consensus of all, so in the kettle fitted with a few "safety net" - --Filters are a must. At the bottom of the kettle, the outlets and other key locations can be described as "organized". Several filters are installed to remove scale, purify water 0.3, and have a full-featured function.

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Energy Saving Electric Cooking Kettle