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Electromagnetic CNC Cooking Meat Pot

Jun. 12, 2018 | 11:20:44

In view of the challenges in the processing industry of boiled, brine, sauce, and stewed meat products, we developed the first domestic large-scale commercial electromagnetic heating boiled meat stewing equipment according to the characteristics of the industry. A single pot of 700kg of energy can be used for 180 hours in three hours. Three pots a day calculation, production 2100kg, unit price of 60 yuan / kg pot a day output value of 240,000, 300 million a year to calculate 72 million, power consumption 162,000. The annual output value of three pots is about 200 million yuan, and the energy consumption is only 500,000 yuan. The layered design guarantees appearance and appearance, and the process implantation technology solves the problem of standardized production quality.

Electric Meat Stewing Facility

In recent years, from a macro perspective, the state has conducted basic theoretical research in the field of food science and engineering, breakthroughs in key core technologies, and industrialization development. Funding has been increasing year by year, and national policies related to green manufacturing have been successively introduced. It is precisely because of our basic research accumulated and improved for many years that the application of meat green manufacturing technology has been deepened.

Our meat stewing machine is suitable for meat processing companies. The equipment has large production capacity and high production efficiency; it has the storage function of temperature and time in the cooking process, and is convenient for the whole process monitoring of the product cooking process. In terms of energy consumption, labor consumption, and reduction of ancillary equipment, the company has reduced processing costs and has truly achieved the goal of product standardization.

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