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The Ventilation Of Kitchen

Dec. 19, 2018 | 18:27:01

Most traditional kitchens are naturally ventilated, that is, ventilated and naturally ventilated through kitchen doors, windows, and chimneys. The design of the past kitchen emphasizes the role of windows, natural light, natural ventilation, and the ratio of the area of the window to the wall is not less than 1:6. In actual work, natural ventilation alone is not enough. With the development of technology and the improvement of kitchen working conditions, kitchen ventilation should include two aspects: air supply and exhaust.

1 full supply of air. It is to use the air duct of the central air conditioner of the hotel to directly send the treated fresh air to the kitchen, and set the air outlet above the working points of the kitchen, which is also called the post air supply. The air supply in the kitchen is usually divided into two forms. One is that the side air supply opening is to open a air supply opening on the inner wall of the kitchen, or to install a distance air supply opening on the side wall of the air duct. Fresh air is sent out by the air supply and horizontally. In order to control the direction of the airflow and adjust the air volume,

2 Some air outlets are also equipped with adjustment and switching devices. The other is a diffuser form, which is an air supply port that blows air from the top to the bottom and is generally installed at the end of the top ventilation duct. The above two air supply methods can be determined according to the specific conditions of the kitchen.

3 partial air supply. Partial air supply is the use of small air conditioners to supply air to kitchens in smaller spaces. For example, the cold food room uses the wall-mounted or air-conditioning to cool the air, and some kitchens have a large space. The cabinet air conditioner is used to achieve the purpose of cooling and cooling.

1 comprehensive exhaust. The air conditioning system is used to process the air in the kitchen, so that the humidity, temperature, air freshness and air prevalence of the kitchen are controlled within certain indexes. However, in the kitchen's main heating equipment (such as Electric Teppanyaki Griddle, steaming stoves, steamers, stewing stoves, frying ovens, ovens,Electric Deep Frying Machine, etc.), a special exhaust fume device is required to quickly discharge the heat. The turbid hot and humid air.

2 partial exhaust. It refers to the installation of exhaust ventilation on the main heating equipment of the kitchen and the placement of exhaust fans on the wall of the kitchen to achieve local exhaust. Local exhaust is suitable for some small and medium-sized enterprises' kitchens, because local exhaust equipment has less capital on investment costs. Therefore, there are more kitchens that still use such methods.

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