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The Difference Between Electric Steamer And Traditional Steamer

Jul. 16, 2018 | 00:00:00

Electric steamer

1. Electric Commercial Food Steamer is one of Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Equipment. It is the same as traditional steamer. It uses steam to make food mature or heat. It does not use oil during cooking. It can effectively preserve the nutrients in food. Without adding extra calories to the food;

2. In terms of use, because it uses safe and clean electric energy, it does not need to be looked after, and the safety is high; and most electric steamers are made of transparent plastic material, and the cooking effect can be checked at any time without opening the lid;

3. Timing function can make it easy for novices with less cooking experience to get a variety of foods. Just press the instructions to select the button and leave the rest of the work to the steamer.

4. The general electric steamer has two to three layers of steam grid, you can freely combine the steam grid according to the size of the ingredients you need to cook. When purchasing, try to choose products with overheating and dry burning protection, which will make you feel more comfortable.

Traditional steamer

1. Its operation method is particularly simple, so simple that it is not necessary to read difficult instructions, everyone will use it;

2. Very durable, because there are no electrical components, so there is no need for maintenance, as long as it is routinely cleaned after each use, even if it is scaled, it will not affect the effect;

3. The traditional steamer on the market is mostly made of metal. Among them, stainless steel is the most common. The high-quality stainless steel steamer is not only beautiful, but also very easy to clean. As long as it is used properly, you don't have to worry about its service life.

Electric Commercial Food Steamer