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Commercial Electric Oven Fault Repair

Oct. 12, 2018 | 16:16:18

If the commercial Batch Electric Roaster is broken, it needs to be repaired in time, because one day can't be used, and it will cause a big loss for restaurants, bakeries, etc. Fortunately, the structure of the electric oven is not complicated, so as long as we are familiar with the structure of the electric oven and the cause of the failure of the electric oven, we can also repair the electric oven by ourselves. How to repair the commercial electric oven? Let China Automatic Roaster Supplier take a look at its troubleshooting method.

1. The electric oven cannot automatically enter the water

The power supply or water inlet circuit is damaged, the inlet pipe is blocked by foreign matter, and the inlet solenoid valve is damaged.

Method: Troubleshoot the circuit, check the foreign matter in the pipeline to make it normal, and check the water inlet solenoid valve and replace the solenoid valve coil.

2. The electric oven has no boiling water supply

Power failure or fuse blown, poor circuit contact, AC contactor damage, burning of the heating element, poor contact or damage to the temperature controller.

Method: Wait for the power supply to return to normal, replace the appropriate fuse after troubleshooting; replace the circuit type fault, replace the same type AC contactor; replace the same type, specification tubular electric heating element; repair the temperature controller, restore good contact, replace damaged parts.

3. The electric oven is energized and the fuse is blown.

When using the electric oven, the fuse is immediately blown when the power plug is plugged in. This failure is often caused by the small fuse capacity. If the power of the meter is greater than the power of the oven and the fuse is too thin, replace it with a larger fuse that allows the power of the meter.

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