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How Long Is The Maintenance Of Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Dec. 28, 2018 | 14:41:03

Commercial kitchen equipment in the catering kitchen and hotel kitchen is frequently used every day, and it is inevitable that maintenance and cleaning will be indispensable. This is related to the cleanliness of the kitchen environment and even the safe consumption of dishes. Let me introduce you to the maintenance and cleaning common sense and skills of various commercial kitchen equipment.

Maintenance schedule for various kitchen equipment

1. Check each connection of each commercial kitchen equipment once a month, and plugs, sockets, etc. should be firmly fixed.

2. Measure the temperature inside the oven every 15 days. Clean the inside of the oven and clean the fan blades in the oven. Check the chain of the oven regularly.

3. Clean the stove and burner dirt every 15 days. Check the burner's switch and safety.

4. Check the Electric Deep Frying Machine's cabinet for oil leaks every month, and clean it on time to maintain its sensitivity.

5. Check the sensitivity of the rocker thermostat once a month and keep it clean.

6. Check the burners in the Electric Commercial Food Steamer once a month and check the air and gas mixing devices to make sure they are working properly. Check the blockage and damage of the steam line and replace it in time.

7. Check the cleaning and use of the various utensils and equipment on the kitchen every day.

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