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How To Deal With Grease Stains In Kitchen Equipment?

Dec. 14, 2018 | 00:00:00

The cooking fume in the kitchen is very troublesome. Every time, there are many grease stains on the surface and crevices of Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Equipment. However, these fumes are almost all-pervasive, and it is difficult to remove them completely. So how should kitchen equipment deal with the problem of grease stains? The company will share some coping strategies:

Oil fume not only irritates the skin, but also affects the appearance of kitchen equipment. Over time, it will affect the overall sense of the kitchen. And the beauty of the kitchen is also one of the most concerned issues of the owners, so the kitchen should be kept clean at all times.

When cleaning oil stains on kitchen equipment in summer, do not use cold water to clean kitchen equipment with oil fumes, such as Electric Deep Frying Machine, which not only can not effectively remove oil fumes but also help to breed oil stains. In fact, rice soup can be used to clarify oil stains, and rice soup is the most common thing in daily life, so material problems are not enough to worry about, and the most critical is the method of removing oil stains! The sticky rice soup can be smeared on the surface and crevices of kitchen equipment with greasy stains. After the rice soup is dried, the products of rice soup can be slowly blown down with iron sheets, and the greasy stains and rice soup can be peeled off together.

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