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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance And Repair Program

Aug. 24, 2018 | 17:10:23

At present, Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Equipment is roughly divided into: stove equipment, refrigeration equipment, mechanical equipment, and washing equipment. The methods of maintenance and maintenance are also different. The following is a small series of methods for repairing and maintaining various types of kitchen equipment.

1, stove equipment

Main equipment: Electric Deep Frying Machine, steamer, low soup stove;

Maintenance: Check the insulation level of the equipment every month. If the fire is accidentally extinguished, the gas valve and the fire valve should be closed first to eliminate the residual gas and re-ignite. When cleaning the stove, do not flush the power switch and fan with water to protect it from moisture and reduce the insulation performance and damage the fan;

Maintenance: Close all gas line valves after use every day.

2, refrigeration equipment

Main equipment: cold storage, freezer;

Maintenance: Clean every week, keep the appearance clean, and start it after 3 minutes after the power is cut off. The indoor space must be reserved during the storage of the contents to ensure the normal circulation of the cold air inside the box;

Maintenance: Defrost once or twice a week, clean the condenser fins once a month, and use a brush to clean the ash.

3, mechanical equipment

Main equipment: meat grinder, slicer, dough mixer, eggbeater, blender, pressing machine;

Maintenance: Clean the equipment before going to work every day. Wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not rinse the unit with water. Do not overload according to the capacity of the machine;

Maintenance: Check if there is any debris or oil before starting the machine. It can be used after it is running normally.

4, washing equipment

Main equipment: dishwasher, vegetable washing machine;

Maintenance: carefully study the instructions for using the dishwasher, change the water, clean and wipe the equipment before going to work every day;

Maintenance: Regularly clean the water and alkali, check the washing temperature.

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