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How To Use kitchen Equipment Safely?

Sep. 07, 2018 | 00:00:00

Commercial kitchen equipment is generally suitable for hotels, restaurants, restaurants and other restaurants as well as large organs, schools, canteens large kitchen equipment. It is characterized by a wide range of products, specifications, power, capacity and other aspects than the domestic kitchen equipment are much larger, the price is also relatively high, focusing on the overall kitchen, involving metal parts have been all stainless steel material. It can be roughly divided into five categories: stove equipment, smoke ventilation equipment, conditioning equipment, mechanical equipment, refrigeration and insulation equipment. In this regard, China Automatic Roaster Supplier sharing kitchen equipment selection and safety tips:

Kitchen explosion, fire, personal injury cases emerge in endlessly, to the catering industry sounded the alarm, grief, must arouse the alert of catering practitioners, in order to reduce this pain, the company based on years of kitchen equipment design, installation, maintenance and management experience, give you a brief introduction to the use of kitchen equipment Law.

1, gas and fuel pipelines and valves must be checked regularly to prevent leakage. If gas leakage is found, the valve should be closed first, timely ventilation, and strictly prohibit the use of any open flame and start power switch.

2. The gas cylinders in the kitchen should be managed together. There should be enough space between the high temperature surfaces such as lamps and lanterns or open fires to prevent the gas cylinders from exploding at high temperature, causing the leakage of combustible gas and causing fire. The kitchen stoves should be installed on non-combustible materials, with sufficient spacing between combustible materials to prevent burning combustible materials.

3. When frying food, the oil in the Electric Deep Frying Machine should not exceed two-thirds of the oil pan, and pay attention to preventing droplets and sundries from falling into the pan, causing cooking oil to overflow and catch fire. At the same time, when the oil pan is heated, it should be heated with warm fire, which is caused by excessive fire prevention and high oil temperature.

4. The wall near kitchen kitchen stove, lampblack hood and other easily polluted places should be cleaned every day, lampblack pipes should be cleaned at least every six months.

5, electrical facilities should be strictly laid according to national technical specifications, and the phenomenon of "replacing copper with aluminum" is strictly prohibited. Electrical wiring in kitchen should be laid by insulated conductors through rigid PVC plastic pipes or steel pipes. Corresponding fire prevention measures should be taken when pipe orifices and pipes are connected with pipes and other accessories. Porcelain bottles should be laid by open wire and lead wire and plastic sheath wire.

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