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How To Take Appropriate Fire Prevention Measures In The Hotel Kitchen?

Feb. 01, 2019 | 15:26:59

Fires usually occur in kitchens, warehouses, and places where fires are easy to catch. With the development of the economy, large hotels continue to produce, and the hotel's kitchen can't be ignored. How can the hotel kitchen equipment be fireproof? Hotel kitchen equipment for fire prevention methods:

1. The problem of more fuel: The kitchen is a place where the open fire is used for operation. All fuels generally include liquefied petroleum gas, gas, natural gas, charcoal, etc. If improperly operated, it is easy to cause leakage, burning, explosion, and the like.

2. The problem of heavy oil smoke: the kitchen is dealing with coal and gas fire all the year round. The environment of the place is generally wet. Under such conditions, the uneven combustion products generated during the combustion of the fuel and the oil smoke generated by the evaporation of oil and gas are easy to accumulate and form a certain The thickness of the combustible oil layer and the powder layer adhere to the surface of the wall, the soot pipe and the range hood. If the fume pipe is not cleaned in time, there is a possibility of fire.

3, electrical equipment hidden dangers: In some kitchens, there are still aluminum core wire for decoration instead of copper core wire, the wire does not wear the pipe, the electric gate does not have a back cover. Under the long-term corrosion of hydropower and soot, these facilities are prone to electric leakage and short-circuit fire. In addition, there are many machines running in the kitchen, and the overload phenomenon is serious. In particular, some high-power electrical installations cause excessive ignition current during use.

4, improper use of oil can cause fire problems: kitchen oil is roughly divided into two types, one is fuel oil, and the other is edible oil. Fuel oil refers to diesel and kerosene, and large hotels and restaurants mainly use diesel. Diesel has a low flash point and can easily cause fires due to fire, improper placement, etc. during use.

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