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How To Place Kitchen Equipment In A Western Restaurant?

Nov. 23, 2018 | 16:06:38

How to plan the kitchen design of the western restaurant is reasonable? How to put kitchen equipment, this is also a great study. Putting Western food equipment reasonably will not only save kitchen space, but also help the staff to carry out work. If it is not reasonable, it will not only waste space, but also reduce it. The efficiency of the staff, today Electric Food Steamer Supplier to explain in detail how the Western kitchen equipment should be placed.

First, the meal room

The preparation room should be in the restaurant, the kitchen transition zone, easy to start the food, stop the information communication.

Second, the dishwashing room

The dishwasher is close to the restaurant and kitchen, and strives to be on the same plane as the restaurant. Convenient to transfer dirty cutlery and kitchen utensils. The dishwasher should be equipped with special disinfection equipment. After manual washing, disinfection and disinfection, the dishes should be air-dried or drained for use.

Third, the main operation room

The side dish conditioning equipment should be closely linked to the main operating area to ensure the freshness of the ingredients and the air contact time. Western food must be fried, fried, and grilled. Pay attention to the ventilation of the kitchen, so be sure to install smoking and exhausting equipment in the cooking equipment area.

Fourth, roughing room

The waste generated after the preliminary treatment of the ingredients shall be provided with a waste bin or a cleaning bucket, and shall be equipped with equipment such as a washing tank and a food waste pulverizer.

V. Raw material area

It is used to store fresh raw materials, minimize the passage with the outside world, and achieve ventilation and moisture.

Six, kitchen layout type

1, linear layout

2, opposite concentrated layout

3, L-shaped layout

4, U-shaped layout

5, equipment placement and public space

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