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Eight Trends In The Food Industry

Jun. 06, 2018 | 15:08:11

China's food industry will develop around the following eight trends:

Trend 1: The slow growth of the global economy and associated risks, the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate will put forward higher requirements for the strategic layout of China's food industry;

Trend 2: During the economic and social transition period, the traditional food and agriculture industry and its sales business form face enormous challenges and competition has intensified;

Trend 3: Social development continues to drive consumer demand from multiple improvements, and consumption habits, aging, and second-born effects after 80s lead the future growth of the food consumer market;

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Trend 4: The increase in food consumption of the main and auxiliary foods has slowed down, and the category structure has been significantly upgraded;

Trend 5: The overall consumption growth of grain and oil products has slowed down, rice has been replaced by sachets and bulk products, and the structure of oil products has become increasingly abundant;

Trend 6: Consumers pay more attention to high-quality lifestyles, Western-style diets and imported foods are widely accepted;

Trend 7: The transformation of the business model has become an important part of corporate development to adapt to new market opportunities and challenges;

Trend 8: The industry chain of the food industry has entered a new stage of scaled integration and balanced development.

Through the above eight trends, it is not difficult to find that the industrial scale, product structure, and production and processing methods of the food industry will usher in major changes in the future transformation and upgrading process. Strengthening agricultural product processing machinery It is imperative to improve equipment automation. Stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment would be more popular. The qualified products such as CE Approved Commercial Kitchen Equipment would be always a good choice.