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Do You Know Sugar Melting Machine?

May. 04, 2018 | 13:49:49

In this news, we will talk about the Classification of Stainless Steel Electric Sugar Melting Machine and Uses of Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle.

Classification of Stainless Steel Electric Sugar Melting Machine

1, In the Shape of the arrangement, tilting vertical and type sandwich bud arrangement;

2, According to the heating system can be divided into electrical heating marijuana, steam kettle, gasoline kettle;

3, According to the process can be divided into cookign pot with stirring and without stirring;

Structure of Electric Sugar Melting Boiling Machine

Stainless Steel kettle structure usually includes pot body and encouraging foot. Feet are utilized to encourage the skin, which includes fixed kind and tilting framework; The bud body consists of two round pot with dual shape, the openings between the double strand is used to maneuver in the steam heating, and power, or gas.

Electric Sugar Melting Machine

Uses of Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle

Sugar melting machine may be used to boil water, stir fry, cook porridge, congee, cook soup, melting gum or sugar, cooking oil, cooking noodles, fry stuffing (for instance, bean paste filling, lotus-paste stuffing, moon cake stuffing, mung beans, etc.), cook dried bamboo shoot, boiled Halide goods(like bean curd cake, meat products, soybean, chicken feet, chicken wings, marinated egg, duck feet, duck throat, etc.), soy sauce, etc..