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Daily Maintenance Of Food Machinery

Jun. 25, 2018 | 16:31:54

With the development of food, food machinery is more and more popular, such as Induction Soup Cooker, Electric Commercial Food Steamer. The hygiene status of food machinery is related with people’s health. We need keep daily maintenance of food machinery.

Induction Soup Cooker

Precautions before maintenance: After the power is turned off, food machinery maintenance and maintenance are performed.

Cleaning and sanitation: At the end of normal equipment operation, attention should be paid to clean the equipment and remove the residues from all corners of the machinery so as to avoid rot of the residue after a long time. Therefore, the sanitation standards affecting the product decline, which seriously threatens the health of consumers.

Cleaning method: When cleaning food machinery and equipment, the general operator should directly flush the equipment with water pipes in order to save labor. This is an error. Wet towels should be used to wipe the surface of the equipment clean, you can use a small brush to clean up the debris of each corner.

Use Note: Food machinery and equipment generally play its best efficiency at the best performance. When the user is using it, pay attention to its usage and maintenance methods. It will be your right-hand assistant. Special attention must be paid to the cutting of vegetables. Do not put stones or metallic materials in case of chapped edges. The operator of the equipment must be trained by the manufacturer to operate the equipment. Others are prohibited from operating the equipment to prevent accidents and personal injury.

Usage Note: After using the food machinery equipment for a period of time, it is necessary to check whether the screws are loose at each part. If looseness is found, tighten the screws. If the screws appear to slide, replace the screws with new ones to prevent the equipment from being used afterwards. There are other minor issues in the process that affect production. When the equipment encounters an abnormal phenomenon or the sound of the machine is abnormal, it is necessary to stop the inspection to prevent even bigger and more serious problems.