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Cooking Kettle Use And Precautions

Aug. 07, 2018 | 16:26:15

Tiltable Cooking Kettle With Mixer are widely used in the processing of foods such as candy, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, wines, cakes, preserves, beverages, canned foods, lo mei, etc., and can also be used in large restaurants or canteen soups, cooking dishes, stews, porridge, etc. Good equipment for processing quality, shortening time and improving working conditions.

Precautions for use:

1. Use steam pressure and do not exceed the rated working pressure for a long time.

2. When entering the steam, slowly open the inlet valve until the pressure is needed. The shut-off valve at the outlet of the condensate, if equipped with a steam trap, should always open the valve; if there is no steam trap, open the valve until there is When the vapor overflows, the valve is closed again, and the opening degree is kept until a small amount of water vapor overflows.

3. For the safety valve, it can be adjusted according to the pressure of the user's own steam.

4. During the use of the steam pot, always pay attention to the change of vapor pressure, and adjust it with the steam inlet valve.

5. After stopping the intake air, the straight nozzle cock at the bottom of the pot should be opened and the remaining water should be drained.

6. Tilting and stirring cooking pots should be added to each rotating part before each shift; the parts on the body surface of the stirring cooking pot are recommended to use cooked vegetable oil; other places use 30#--40# machinery oil.

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Tiltable Cooking Kettle With Mixer