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Factors To Consider When Designing A Commercial Kitchen!

Feb. 12, 2019 | 17:23:36

The heart of a restaurant is the kitchen, and the kitchen design is the top priority of the restaurant. The quality of the kitchen design, scientific and reasonable, will directly affect the operation of the restaurant, not only affect the speed of the food, the level of work efficiency, but also affect the quality of the food. Therefore, the kitchen design can not be decided on a hasty basis, and multiple factors should be integrated to coordinate the design. Below, Commercial Induction Cooker Supplier introduces several important factors that must be considered in the kitchen design.

Ventilation in the kitchen: The air quality in the kitchen is very important for the kitchen environment. While pumping out the main fumes in the kitchen, you should not neglect the turbidity and exhaust gas generated by kitchen equipment such as ovens and Electric Commercial Food Steamer , and ensure that all smoke is not diffused and retained in the kitchen area.

The floor of the kitchen: the water in the kitchen is damp. For the design and material selection of the ground, it must not be blindly obeyed and must be carefully determined. It is best to use practical anti-slip floor tiles to prevent the floor from slipping and causing the staff to slip and fall.

Water for the kitchen: Many kitchen sinks are equipped with too little water, and it is extremely inconvenient for the staff to use water. It is difficult to care for cleaning when busy, and it is difficult to ensure hygiene.

Kitchen lighting: There should be enough light in the cooking oven to grasp the color of the dishes; the cutting board should be equipped with bright lighting to effectively prevent knife wounds and the pursuit of fine knife work; there must be sufficient light above the dish to be burned. Reduce weeds and flow into restaurants and more. Kitchen lighting does not have to be as luxurious and elegant as a restaurant, and its layout is neat, but its role must not be ignored.

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