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How To Judge The Quality Of Commercial Induction Cooker For Hotel?

Jan. 19, 2019 | 12:56:44

Large-scale hotels and catering industry are gradually introducing commercial induction cooker equipment. Due to its low popularity, the hotel owners does not understand how to judge the quality of commercial induction cookers. Today, Let Large Power Induction Cooker Supplier explains some knowledge to make more people can accept this emerging green kitchen equipment.

First, look at the bottom of the cooling fan, select the product with a large fan diagonal size, preferably using a magnetic suspension, hydraulic or nano-ceramic fan, if you can disassemble, press the fan blade by hand, you can press it about 2mm Magnetic levitation. The heat dissipation efficiency will affect the service life of internal components, and a good cooling fan will reduce the noise during normal operation.

Second, checking the panel of Commercial Induction Cooker For Hotel is flat or not and uneven or inclined. When selecting, it must be a regular stainless steel material to ensure that the induction cooker panel is smooth and non-destructive.

Finally, look at the color of the panel. The domestic grades A and B are white, but the edges of the grade B are rough and there is no smoothness of grade A; the grade C is prone to yellowish discoloration. Try to buy imported panels or domestic A-class panels.

Commercial Induction Cooker For Hotel