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How To Clean The Dirt Of The Induction Cooker?

Dec. 17, 2018 | 16:39:24

In life, basic households will buy Commercial Induction Cooker, saving money and being healthy. However, it is more troublesome to clean the induction cooker. Because it involves safety of electricity, it is not easy to wash with water. It is usually a simple wipe, but this does not The dirt is cleaned up, and now Commercial Induction Cooker Supplier will teach you how to clean it.

Before the induction cooker is cleaned, pull the power cord out of the socket and wait for the panel to cool before cleaning.

For the induction cooker panel, there are generally two kinds of ceramics and glass panels. For ceramic panels, we can wipe them with a damp cloth, and we can also add some cleaning agents to clean them. For glass, we can simply wipe them with a wet rag.

For the induction cooker control panel, we use a soft damp cloth to wipe, for difficult to remove oil can be properly added to the cleaning agent to wipe.

For the exhaust fan part, we can remove the dirt with a cotton swab. If the oil is dirty, the toothbrush can be carefully removed with a little detergent that does not damage the utensil.

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