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How To Choose Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Equipment?

Dec. 03, 2018 | 18:16:27

Everyone knows that there are many products in kitchen equipment, and kitchen supplies involve all aspects. So today, Commercial Induction Cooker Supplier will organize and share the safe and environmentally friendly kitchen equipment.

1, gas stove

The kitchen gas stove is the only kitchen equipment with fuel choice, electric energy or natural gas. At the same time, these two options will have a great impact on the environment, so it is worth thinking about it.

Reference 1: Household appliances that use electricity, you can use renewable energy, if you add solar panels in the future. Moreover, most power companies have such projects, and you can support the development of green renewable energy with little cost.

Reference 2: Natural gas is a relatively inexpensive, highly utilized and cleanest energy source that produces 45% less carbon dioxide than coal.

2, Commercial Induction Cooker

Induction cooker is the new star of energy-saving kitchen appliances. The standard electric furnace or gas stove is the air that heats the bottom of the pot, but the heat of the induction cooker is directly transmitted to the pot through high-tech magnetic force, so less heat is wasted. Thermal energy is produced very quickly and is infinitely adjustable like gas. And because the heater requires a metal surface for heat transfer, it feels cool, making the kitchen safer.

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