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Environmental Protection Effect Of Commercial Induction Cooker

Nov. 05, 2018 | 16:44:41

People began to save the planet with action: The "lights out one hour" campaign continues globally, which means that reducing carbon emissions and curbing global warming are people's self-issuance. The Commercial Induction Cooker has no heat radiation, smokeless, ashless, no pollution, does not raise the room temperature, does not produce harmful substances such as CO, CO2, SO3, etc., and is a veritable environmental protection product.

6 advantages of high-power induction cooker:

1. Energy saving. The electromagnetic thermal efficiency is above 90%, and the thermal efficiency of fuel and gas is only between 20% and 45%. The use of induction cookers can save money and save mankind's non-renewable resources such as oil, gas and coal.

2, environmental protection. No heat radiation, smokeless, ashless, no pollution, no room temperature rise, no harmful substances such as CO, CO2, SO3, etc., so that the environment is protected. The kitchen is quiet, clean and refreshing, making the user feel comfortable and healthy.

3. Save money. Conservative calculations, fuel costs of 50% relative to fuel savings, and fuel costs of 60% relative to gas. Saving money is equal to making money. This is also the main reason why the market demand is still growing rapidly despite the industry's 1-year warranty period and the repair rate exceeding 50%.

4, firepower is fierce, saving time. Frying stoves above 15KW can outweigh the firepower of blast gas stoves. The rate of unit discharge increased by about 40%.

5, save water. The induction cooker uses a high-frequency magnetic field to induce eddy currents at the bottom of the iron pot to heat the pot itself, and the furnace body does not generate heat, and the furnace surface does not need to be cooled by water.

6, safe. No open fire heating, completely eliminate the fire caused by the fire. Because it does not use gas, it will not explode, it is safe and reliable.

7, easy to install. Compared with the gas stove, because there is no open flame and less exhaust gas, the requirements for the smoke exhaust system are lower, and only the oil fume is required.

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