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Commercial Induction Cooker Has The Advantage That You Don't Know

Sep. 04, 2018 | 00:00:00

With the development of economy and the improvement of living standard, people have entered the era of electricity from the primitive society. The more and more convenient induction cooker at home or hotel has become the first choice for everyone. There must be some reasons for the explosion of commercial induction cooker. Today Large Power Induction Cooker Supplier will analyze it. Come on!

1, energy saving

The advantage of induction cooker is its high thermal efficiency. As a high-tech product advocating "green kitchen culture", the thermal efficiency of induction cooker is as high as 95%, which is much higher than the traditional heating method.

2, safety

The induction cooker will not produce open fire in the process of use, and the induction cooker itself will not heat up, so it will not appear as other cookers often lead to fire incidents, and there is no accident caused by leakage.

3, environmental protection

Electromagnetic oven heating, will not release any harmful substances, no fire, smoke, tasteless, also does not raise room temperature; while the traditional coal, LPG, gas combustion, while burning air, so that room temperature continues to rise, cooking fumes continue to increase, while releasing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other kinds of Harmful substances affect health. The use of environmentally friendly induction cooker does not have a lot of pollution problems of traditional stoves, to truly clean the room and protect the environment.

4, accurate

Electromagnetic oven can flexibly and accurately control heating power and cooking temperature according to different cooking requirements of users. Cooks can choose the desired temperature is very convenient, and can make the cooked food to achieve the desired color and flavor.

5, Almighty

Commercial Induction Cooker is undoubtedly the panacea champion of frying, frying, frying and stewing, and maximize the saving of kitchen space, installation and relocation of light and convenient, no radiation and leakage of electricity risk.

6, convenient

Easy to operate: At present, some of the common furnace operation is cumbersome, and the solenoid furnace can complete all the operation with only one switch.