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How To Clean The Glass-ceramic On The High-power Induction Cooker?

Jul. 29, 2018 | 00:00:00

Glass-ceramics are also known as microcrystalline jade or ceramic glass. It is a comprehensive glass, a new type of building material that has just been developed in foreign countries. Its scientific name is glass crystal. Glass-ceramics and our common glass look very different. It has the dual characteristics of glass and ceramic. Microcrystalline glass, like ceramic, consists of crystals, that is, its atomic arrangement is regular. Therefore, glass-ceramics have higher brightness than ceramics and are stronger than glass.

The use of glass-ceramics in CE Approved Commercial Induction Cooker can cause yellowing and blackening for a long time, because the surface of the glass-ceramics is covered with a layer of grease. Ordinary washing or detergent not only can not clean, but will damage and scratch the glass-ceramic, affect its life, how to scientifically and rationally clean the glass-ceramic on the high-power commercial induction cooker?

First, use a All Stainless Steel Induction Fryer to burn a pot of hot water. When the glass-ceramics have residual heat, use a clean cotton rag to get some hot water, squeeze the toothpaste, and quickly add force to the circle on the glass-ceramic. Will be removed, wipe a few more times, the glass-ceramic will be as bright as new.

Can also be used:

After using the induction cooker, when there is still heat in the panel of the induction cooker, use a rag to clean the cleaning agent (preferably buy a special cleaning agent at the point of sale of the induction cooker), then clean it with a clean rag for a few days. has improved. Why can toothpaste clean the grease on the surface of glass-ceramics? Because toothpaste inherently contains large particles, it is a concept of using sand to remove the scale of tea in the tea

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