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More and More Groups Chose Our Automatic Cooking Machine

Jun. 15, 2018 | 00:00:00

Electromagnetic heating automatic cooking machine is suitable for large central kitchen cooking, one pot can fry 60 ~ 70kg, supply thousands of people or even tens of thousands of canteens.

The automatic cooking machine we produce adopts electromagnetic heating principle, dual temperature control system, microcomputer automatic and accurate temperature control, can freely adjust the heating temperature according to need and achieve a variety of temperature control methods. With intelligent temperature compensation function, more energy-saving and environmental protection. Stir evenly without dead angle, and the stirring speed can be adjusted freely according to the need, non-stick phenomenon. The user can easily set various parameters through the control panel, and the pan can be flipped with a touch of a button.

Our automatic cooking machine includes Soup Cooking Machine and Stew Cooking Machine and others, which can be found on our website.

Automatic Cooking Machine

The user's data parameters of automatic cooking machine can be input to the local chip to achieve standardized, fool-proof production, which can solve the process parameters in the process of relying on operator experience to control product quality issues, to avoid the human factors in the process of product quality Impact, improve the controllability of the process, and ensure product quality.

At the same time, this machine can save a lot of manual investment for enterprises.

At present, our company's representative equipment users are: Lihua Fast Food, Jianguo Fast Food, Tianjin Xinweixiang Industrial Company, Baodi Group Central Kitchen, Shandong Fuxin Coal Mine and so on.