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How To Save Electricity In The Electric Roaster?

Oct. 23, 2018 | 16:33:59

Although the CE Approved Electric Roaster is not used frequently, it is also necessary to master its power-saving strategy as an electrical appliance. How does the electric oven save power? Let China Induction Roaster Supplier take a look at some of the power-saving methods of the electric oven!

1. Do not use the electric oven with high power for a long time, because the higher the power, the greater the power consumption. Conversely, the smaller the power, the more power is saved.

2. It is necessary to set the appropriate temperature according to the food to be grilled. It is best to adjust it before baking, so as to avoid the adjustment, the failure occurs, and the power consumption is greater.

3. Turn on different heating units at different temperatures to minimize power consumption and turn on power saving mode.

4. Develop good habits. Check the power cord for damage before each use. Turn off the switch when you are finished using it.

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