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Anti-rust Protection For Kitchen Equipment

Dec. 11, 2018 | 18:20:37

Do you know about "rust protection for kitchen equipment"? Today, Commercial Induction Cooker Supplier wants to introduce to you the content of this aspect. I hope that through the introduction of this article, you can have a certain understanding and understanding of the production process of kitchen equipment, etc. Introduce it:

1. After the stainless steel is welded to prevent oxidative corrosion, it must be rust-proofed. The surface of the weld surface needs to be polished to prevent corrosion. The bottom is properly ground and coated with a metallic color rust-proof paint. When welding the galvanized frame, It should be welded before the frame is not galvanized. If it is necessary to weld the galvanized frame, it is necessary to apply a metallic luster anti-rust paint after welding.

2. Bracket foot tube

All support legs shall be manufactured not less than 38 mm stainless steel unless otherwise stated.

3. Foot tube horizontal bracket

Unless otherwise specified, all foot tube brackets are made of 25mm diameter * 1mm thick stainless steel. The horizontal brackets are perpendicular to the main leg tube and remain horizontal. Unless otherwise specified, the 180mm foot tube bracket is safely welded and ground.

5. Sole leveling screws

All the foot tubes should be equipped with stainless steel spring-shaped bottom leveling screws. The bottom end screws need to be tightly connected to the kitchen equipment of the foot tube. The anti-rust protection work table of the kitchen equipment should be equipped with a locking device after leveling.

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