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Do You Know All Stainless Steel Induction Fryer?

Apr. 18, 2018 | 00:00:00

All Stainless Steel Induction Fryer can replace traditional cooking utensils such as frying, frying, and other cooking functions. It has no combustion exhaust emissions, no oxygen consumption, no noise, no pollution, energy saving, truly green.

Its operation and digital display are simple and clear. The intelligent computer control technology has the functions of automatic detection of the boiler body, overheating and air burning protection, and overload protection. No open fire burning, no exhaust emissions, no fuel leakage, to avoid hidden dangers to people and the environment, safer than traditional fuel and gas stoves, and to increase the site use restrictions (such as the basement kitchen in the basement, high-rise buildings); and configure multiple Safety protection device to reduce accidents.

CE Certified Induction Fryer Compared with the traditional furnace, the electromagnetic small frying stove has a smaller specific volume, a higher thermal efficiency, a faster heating speed, and greatly reduces the use area of the site. Wide range of applications, simple operation.

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CE Certified Induction Fryer