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Analysis Of The Causes Of Energy Waste In Commercial Kitchens

Nov. 07, 2018 | 16:43:53

1. Analysis of technical management reasons

The equipment maintenance system is not perfect, and the system is not implemented. After the system equipment is configured, it is practical, not maintenance, and even the equipment has faulty work, increasing power consumption and reducing service life. For example, the motor does not replenish oil, bearing damage, pipeline leakage, etc. .

The purchase of high-energy-consuming equipment is difficult to find at one time. When the energy consumption of the equipment is too high, the equipment is not repaired or replaced in time.

The system equipment is equipped with control devices, which should find the best control method, control the start and stop of water and electricity equipment, and reduce the invalid working time. However, after some devices enter the kitchen, no one can change the control parameters or even pay attention to the control method.

2. Analysis of technical reasons

Decision-making mistakes: Small and medium-sized hotels use non-professionals for more design and construction. When commercial kitchen system design and equipment selection, they can be used, regardless of energy consumption, using multi-matching, high-equipped equipment or backward high-energy equipment and accessories. Due to improper decision-making, it brings hidden dangers of high energy consumption.

The technical connection is not in place, and it is not possible to propose the design requirements of commercial kitchens in detail as early as possible. The designers can only blur the design, and the actual demand is large and the design and calculation goals are unknown. In order to ensure the high-level technical indicators, the energy consumption index is increased. .

The layout of the kitchen is unreasonable. The layout of commercial kitchens is closely related to the design of auxiliary systems such as water, electricity, smoke exhaust, lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning. The layout of the kitchen must take into account the design of the auxiliary system. If natural lighting is not available, it will increase the electricity used for lighting; if the ventilation duct is lengthened, it will consume more electricity.

The design method chosen is not appropriate and the calculation error is too large. The design calculation is inaccurate, and the standard is applied only by experience. When the coefficient is selected, Ningda is not small, and the layer is overestimated and high, which results in a large or high calculation result, which increases investment and energy consumption.

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