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Advantages of Electromagnetic Heating Boilers

May. 25, 2018 | 00:00:00

The advantages of the electromagnetic heating boilers are high speed, high efficiency, stable operation, simple installation and modification, multiple protection functions, and safe and reliable use. There is no open flame when heated, no heat radiation, no secondary pollution, clean, sanitary and environmental protection. Related products: All Stainless Steel Induction Fryer, CE Certified Induction Fryer.

Its characteristics are as follows:

1, Heat, fast heating, so that the barrel directly heat.

2,Energy-saving, money-saving electromagnetic heater thermal efficiency of up to 90%, compared with the resistance wire can save 30% -80%.

3. There is no open fire when the safety and electromagnetic heaters are heated to meet the fire protection requirements, and they can be used in places with high fire protection requirements.

4, Green, environmental protection No waste gas, waste residue and noise pollution, clean, green, green, greatly improve the production environment of the workshop.

5, Easy installation, security requirements to connect the electromagnetic heating coil can be used. Use whatever you like.

6, The output power can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of different power size occasions.

7, There is overheating protection, to prevent damage to the IGBT module.

8, Concentrated heating point, electromagnetic heating coil surface is not hot.

9. After the set temperature is reached, there is no need to adjust, and the output power is automatically reduced to zero, which saves energy.

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