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Electric Heating Machine, Soup Cooking Machine
Electric Heating Machine, Soup Cooking Machine
Electric Heating Machine, Soup Cooking Machine

Electric Heating Machine, Soup Cooking Machine


Model Number:ATJF/DR 1010

Product Details

Quick Details

● Condition: New
● Place of origin: Beijing, china (mainland)
● Brand name: Kaihong
● Model number: Atjf/dr 1010
● Application: Candy
● Voltage: 380v~415v
● Power(w): 15kw/21kw
● Dimension(l*w*h): 1120*1135*1300
● Certification: Ce
● Warranty: 12 months
● After-sales service provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
● Temperature range: 50~200 centigrade
● Dia. Of barrel: 500mm
● Volume: 50l/100l
● Working conditions: Temp.:0~35 centigrade, m.c.:≤75%rh

Packaging & delivery
Packaging details:    Fumigation free box
Delivery detail:    10~35 days

Product description
Induction  heating tiltable  kettle is available in different types and is important equipment for food production enterprises, big scale restaurants and refectories. It is widely used in food industry, like dairy, wine, beverage, can, candy, glazed fruit and more, and it also can be used for stewing meat, cooking soup and porridge. We can provide various types and specifications of  induction heating tiltable kettle according to customer's requirements, such as vertical type, ordinary type,  all stainless steel.

Product description
Advantages of the machine :
1. Energy saving. The heating efficiency can be as high as 95%.
2. Heating fast.  Temperature rising speed: 1℃/s
3. Heating evenly. Every spot of the heating area is of the same temperature.
4. Accurate temperature control.  Highest temperature: 280 ℃, temperature accuracy:±1 ℃.
5. Durable. All stainless steel of food quality. German-based quality. Working life of the machine: 8~12 years.

Induction heating
What is induction heating and its advantages?
Induction heating is the most advanced heating technology in the heating world.
Induction heating results from the direct application of two physical laws, the lenz law and 

The joule effect:
Any electrically conductive material, placed in a variable magnetic field, is the site of induced
Electric currents,called eddy currents.due to the joule effect (p =r x i² ),these currents dissipateheat in the material in which they appears.
For example, the application of induction heating in the deep fryer kettle(picture below)

The coils generate a changing magnetic field in a certain space, where the kettle was placed. The changing magnetic field causes induced eddy current in the kettle, whose material is eletrically conductive material. The eddy currents dissipate heat in the kettle.
So from the macro perspectives, the kettle is the heating source and heats the food directly.
Compared with traditional heating method, gas heating and electrothermal heating.

In induction heating, the kettle generates heat. It is the heating source just like fire in gas heating and electric tubes in electothermal heating. But the kettle heat the food directly while fire and electric tubes have to transfer their heat to other heating medium, such as air or heat transfer oil.  Through a series of  transfer process, a lot of heat lost.

Heat transfer process in food heating
The less heat transfer process, the less heat
Loss,the less thermal lag and the faster heat speed.